Who Am I?


And Why Do I Publish Articles That Disturb Everyone?

During my career with a government sponsored think-tank, the most common buzz word was "out of the box thinking." Regardless of the buzz word, most people was focused totally on the box. The brave ones would step outside the box, but were always in contact with it. The bravest might take a step away. When I would suggest taking a view where the box was far away, almost everyone was terrified. Eventually, they began to accept me as competent, if a little weird. This gave me opportunities, and risks, not available to other persons in similar positions. Most managers considered me a trouble maker. I preferred trouble shooter, for I could never limit my investigation to the defined task. My career wavered between glorious praise and threats of termination. In one case, my proposals saved the government over $100 million. I thought a small token of appreciation, such as 1% or even 0.1% would be nice: But No! I did receive a substantial salary increase that year, but within months I was facing termination for demonstrating that the government was mismanaging a group of closely related projects budgeted for over $3 billion. Ah, that's life. But our VP ordered an investigation. My analysis was confirmed and the government restructured the management. So there!

Where Do I Come From?

Perhaps you have heard of the Hatfield-McCoy feud. When I was born in that region, life styles had not noticeably changed. I was the third of ten children. I was not born in a log cabin: Before I was 2 years old we were able to afford one - 2 rooms; a kitchen and everything else, plus a path to the outhouse, and a chamber pot. Through land and timber deals we were able to afford a better house - with gas, electricity and water, all of which sometimes worked. (A disputed timber deal was one of the causes of the Hatfield-McCoy feud.) At 16 I left the area permanently except for family visits. My first contact with a major city was a culture shock. I eventually acquired degrees in Math, Physics and Operations Research while working in the broadcast industry.

And Now

Now that I am retired, and especially after relocating to Florida, I cannot find intellectually challenging activities; plenty of activities but few interesting. So I decided to overcome my usual disinclination for writing and publish my controversial ideas; usually supported by rigorous analyses. (A manager characterized me as; "Knows everything, Does everything, Writes some of it down.") If you agree with me, even occasionally, I commend your perceptiveness. If you are moved to Flame me, feel free; I have had worse. I will publish all replies except slander (of someone other than me), defamation and threats. If you want your identity protected, your request will be honored.

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