26 March 2006

Hey Don,
When I looked at your page to review comments it was empty. Is this a new page? My only comment at this time is that "Still rivers run deep". Your research is interesting and revealing both on a personal and also an intellectual level. That is to say, for a quiet guy, you speak volumes.

Jim Arends

Laurie Arends
Worth, IL

Do you take into account the tens of billions of$ social security collect from illegal immigrants working for big US companies?
What happens to that money?

Before the SSA can collect money the immigrant must have a SS number and account. If this can be accomplished, the immigrant could receive SSA benefits. The SSA would probably never detect a problem. If fake numbers without an account are used, the SSA should detect them immediately and conduct an investigation. Of course the corporations could collect the money and never send it to the SSA. Highly risky, but could be done.

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